Burrito Eating Challenge

THE FASTEST (and more skilled) EATER WINS!

La Jornada  Newspaper is proud sponsor of
the BURRITO EATING Challenge!

Fiesta London! is hosting the one and only “Burrito Eating Challenge” at the Covent Garden Market square on Sunday June 4th 2017


  • The winner will be declared the  La Jornada’s BURRITO-EATING Challenge
  • First place will receive a commemorative trophy; $100 Downtown-Dollars; $50 RONA Gift Card; and a Gift Certificate from Hands On Health Wellness Centre’s one hour massage.
  • Second place $100 Downtown-Dollars; and $50 RONA Gift Card
  • Third place $50 Downtown-Dollars; and $50 RONA Gift Card
  • Additionally, their picture will be taken and placed on the Wall of Fame with much fanfare and celebration. History will shine upon the grand champions of Fiesta London! Taco-Eating Contest.

***Awards subject to change

Want to practice in advance? Looking to improve your burrito-eating skills? Stop by  Burritos & Tacos rests. and ask them for the Burrito that will be served at Fiesta London!


La Jornada’s BURRITO EATING Challenge is open to everyone 18 years old or older.

  • There will be one competition for all contestants. All contestants must be present and signed-in at Fiesta London! by 1pm on Sunday, June 4th 2017. A contestant will forfeit his or her place should he or she fail to register at the Fiesta London! table by 1pm and be continuously present for the duration of the contest. Contestants will also forfeit his or her place if they leave Fiesta London! after they register.
  • The object is to eat one (1) Famous Quesada’s Big Ass Burrito as fast as possible within the allotted 5-minute period.
  • Contestants may eat either sitting or standing and must complete eating the entire taco and all contents before proceeding to the next taco. Contestants must wait for the starting signal and must stop eating and must promptly place their hands down on the table or at their side at the ending signal.
  • Contestants will be allowed 15 seconds to finish any burrito already in their mouth at the time of the ending signal. Any contestant that throws up will be disqualified. Judges will be on hand to assure adherence to contest rules, tally the number of tacos eaten, monitor the “no throw up or regurgitating” rule, and to disqualify contestants who fail to adhere to the rules.
  • Winners will be determined by speed! In the event of a tie, after a brief interval, 2-minute eat-offs will take place until the winner is selected.
  • Each participant must complete the eligibility requirements and waiver of liability at General Disclaimer before entering.
  •  Entries will be possible at the festival also, but preference will be given to those who pre-registered.
  • Ten entries will be randomly pulled. In addition, the reigning champion as of Thursday, June 12, 2015, will also be allowed to compete.
  • If you meet the eligibility requirements above, agree to the waiver, and wish to enter the drawing for a contest slot.
  • You must provide your FIRST/LAST NAME, EMAIL and PHONE NUMBER. Email us at: isabel@fiestalondon.ca